What’s Psychotherapy?

Photo courtesy of When we talk about therapy, some people conjure up images of Sigmund Freud and his couch. Freud was innovative in so many ways, but therapy has evolved a long way since his time. Psychotherapy (otherwise known as “therapy” or “talk therapy”) is an effective and evidence-based form of treatment for many…

Can’t Sleep?

Can’t sleep? You’re not alone. Studies show that 75% of Americans suffer from insomnia. But before you shrug off your sleep problems, let’s look at the facts. Studies show that people who struggle with sleep disorders also often suffer from a low mood. These patients can also struggle with worsening medical issues; a recent article…

Holidays and Stress

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” declares that lyric about the holiday time. Yes, perhaps for some holidays may conjure up those warm, wonderful images – wreaths hung on doors, laughter, homemade cookies baking in the oven… However, for many of us, the holidays aren’t quite so jolly. Evidence (and my own clinical…

Meet Dr. Iyer: Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Aparna R. Iyer is a board-certified adult psychiatrist who believes strongly in the therapeutic value of establishing trusting and respectful relationships with her clients. With a holistic, non-judgmental and gentle approach, she focuses her efforts on getting to understand the client prior to formulating a treatment plan. Her approach is thorough, exploring a client’s…

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