Depression Depression is a widespread mental illness that causes intense feelings of sadness, hopelessness and personal emptiness. Learn More
Anxiety Disorders Anxiety disorders are mental health diseases often caused by stress. Learn More
Stress Management Stress is an emotional and physical response to the pressures and demands of life. Learn More
Grief and Bereavement Grief is a natural process that most people experience following a meaningful loss. Learn More



Happiness and true well being are within the grasps of those who seek it and are willing to put forward the effort to achieve this goal. Dr. Iyer believes in a gentle, collaborative partnership with her patients to help them reach this goal. She believes strongly in treating the whole person, and so she will spend time understanding each patient’s individual and unique needs before setting forward a treatment plan tailored to those specific needs.

Depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and various other conditions are often inherited through genetics, but life circumstances and unhealthy ways of thinking worsen these conditions and their associated symptoms. Dr. Iyer works with her clients to explore healthy lifestyle techniques, including techniques to improve sleep conditions and to incorporate healthy nutrition and exercise.

Dr. Iyer is trained in and passionate about psychodynamic psychotherapy, with the judicious use of medications if necessary. She recognizes that trust and a strong therapeutic alliance with a therapist is the necessary foundation upon which all great change can happen. She strives to focus on building a level of trust with her clients in a safe, comfortable environment.

Contact our office today to schedule you consultation. Dr. Iyer looks forward to taking this next step with you towards a happier, fulfilling life.

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