Dr. Iyer is live on Wellness Blueprint Radio tomorrow! Be sure to tune in!

Dr. Iyer will be live on the radio on March 17 at 8:00 AM (CT). Be sure to tune in!

More about Wellness Blueprint Radio and how you can listen in can be found here:

Here’s the description of the show:

Wellness Blueprint Radio

Join Dr. Maiysha and Coach Elliott this Friday with their special guest Dr. Aparna Iyer! This week’s show is titled, “Post Partum: A Guide to Wellness in Early Motherhood” and is sure to be an informative show! See you Friday morning at 9a (ET)! About our guest: Dr. Aparna Iyer is a holistic and integrative board-certified psychiatrist who focuses on improving the wellbeing and resilience of her adult patients. Instead of frequent usage of medications, she primarily utilizes lifestyle changes, behavioral modification and psychodynamic psychopharmacology to help her patients achieve their life goals and improve overall happiness. Dr. Iyer is especially interested in helping patients who feel “stuck” in unhealthy habits and patterns find new ways of moving forward. She is largely focused on women’s mental health, especially during and after pregnancy. She is currently organizing postpartum support groups for women in her community. She enjoys working in her private practice and is also an assistant professor at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.

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