Journaling: A Powerful Tool for Wellness (Part I)

Journaling is a technique frequently used by people in therapy or those who are interested in improving various aspects of their mental or physical health. Some people avoid journaling because they think it’s the equivalent of the “dear diary” thing they did when they were children, but do not be mistaken. Actually, journaling is a highly effective technique…

What is a Psychiatrist?

A psychiatrist is a doctor who is trained to work in understanding, diagnosing and treating any ailments pertaining to the mind and brain. In order to become a psychiatrist, one has to complete four years of medical school training, as well as another four years of psychiatry residency training. Psychiatry residency is which is a…

What’s Psychotherapy?

Photo courtesy of When we talk about therapy, some people conjure up images of Sigmund Freud and his couch. Freud was innovative in so many ways, but therapy has evolved a long way since his time. Psychotherapy (otherwise known as “therapy” or “talk therapy”) is an effective and evidence-based form of treatment for many…

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