postpartum depression

3 minute musings: The incredible benefits of a mom tribe

Motherhood is an incredible, fulfilling journey. However, it can feel lonely at times, and many mothers might feel alone with their children. But moms do not need to parent in isolation; in fact, I don’t think we were ever meant to parent in isolation. It does not make you a lesser mom to ask for…

Postpartum Depression: Sadness, Guilt and Hope

Postpartum depression (PPD) is a serious condition and common post-delivery complication. Even healthy mothers with healthy babies can feel extraordinary sadness and feelings of shame and guilt. And although the majority of women report knowing what PPD is, very few actually get diagnosed and treated for it. PPD is typically characterized by a consistently low…

Dr. Iyer is on live on Sirius XM tomorrow! Be sure to tune in!

Tune in tomorrow April 18 to Doctors Radio on SiriusXM at 7:00 AM (ET) to listen to Dr. Iyer speak about postpartum depression! Dr. Iyer will be speaking with Dr. Carol Bernstein on the Everyday Health show regarding common questions on postpartum depression. Here’s more on the show: Annual check-ups, coughs, colds, bruises, sprains, congestion,…

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